The common misconception about Wildman.

So I wake up to a message this morning from Kathrin, a beautiful German girl who I kind of fell for a bit on my last tour.

She had a few questions about me, my life and the bigger picture of who I am. The only thing I could come up with to summarise it all was this – I want to fully live – to truly feel alive.

The happiness goal that so many aspire to, pales in comparison to the electricity that flows through my veins when I slip into that sweet spot of truly being me.

I’m attracted to people with that spark of life, I’m like “tell me what you see and how you see it?! Because your energy is awesome and I want more of that in my life”

That’s what Kathrin had, even though I only knew her for a week and of that only spent 3 days “together”, she was alive. Gorgeous? Absolutely! But the world is full of beautiful women. She had something more. It radiated out from her, in her smile, her laugh, the way she embraced people and made everyone feel like they were part of the tribe.

I have a grand curiosity of life, of the world, and I love to laugh. I know who I am and what I’m passionate about and want to surround myself with people who are the same. I have no time for people who complain about life but never do anything to change it. It drains me and so I’ve emptied my life of such people.

“But Rob, didn’t you start Wildman? And isn’t Wildman a group of depressed guys sitting around talking about their problems?” This is the common misconception about Wildman.

I started Wildman in the spirit of who I am.

Wildman is this – Men who are curious – men who want to truly live, to find who theEveresty are and what they’re passionate about so that their lives burn. A Wildman goes to the grave grinning from ear to ear because he nailed it. He took on his Everest and shared the journey with his tribe.

Wildman is liberation.

Now it is true that most men never get around to joining Wildman until they reach a crises point in their lives and this does make the first few weeks of a new group very different from what it eventually becomes as guys learn to “own their shit” and learn from the stories of others.

So if you’re not curious about life and who you are and where you fit, and you lack the courage to drop the mask and truly be seen, if you want to sit around and complain about life, your wife, your boss rather than working your way through to clarity, then Wildman isn’t for you.

The group I’m a part of has just entered its 4th year. The collective wisdom, laughter and life that I get to soak in each week around the fire is far better than any inspirational seminar, book or movie I could otherwise spend my time indulging in. I have a tribe.


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