Project WildMan – Our Vision

The current situation:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” Henry Thoreau 1854

“He feels that there must be more but he does not know what that more is” Steve Biddulph

This hazardous journey is the great unknown of our lives and learning to face the fear of that, not alone but as a part of a tribe. Most men I know do live lives of quiet desperation, it is quiet because most of us don’t share our journeys with others and it feels like desperation because we do not live lives that make us burn but settle instead for less than is ours to have. We live largely unshared and un-examined lives and we suffer for it.

No great journey is ever planned or travelled alone. Great men know this and surround themselves with other great men. If we are to live fulfilled lives that inspire us then our Lone Ranger approach to life must end and we must start sharing our hazardous journeys with others.

So… who are you? What are you passionate about and what makes you burn?

Project Wildman is about you and your journey, setting a charter for that journey and having other strong men around you as you plot the course and sail your way through it.

So where do you want to go or who do you want to become? Big questions and best faced not alone but as a part of a tribe.

A town, a city, a country full of men who plan and share their lives with other great men will bring nothing short of social revolution.


Why Project Wildman?

I like the word tribe because it evokes a sense of belonging, community and culture that connect us. We are not necessarily family but we do journey together.

As men we actually do enjoy the company of other men, having a laugh and taking the piss out of one another whilst working or travelling together is one of life’s joys. Through our very individualistic culture the side that has been misplaced is the one of deep connection with other men and a sense of belonging, that I am a part of a group of guys who really know the mask off real me, that when times are tough I have a strong tribe of men around me for support and nourishment.

The idea is simple really and doesn’t need to be made complex – we create environments and basic structures that over time allow men to connect and journey on a deeper level.

What does Project Wildman look like?

This is not therapy this is community and a good community is therapy for the soul.

Every man is responsible for his own journey his own life and the choices he makes. We are merely creating an environment, basic format, structure and support to enable that community to grow.

In order to see what Project Wildman looks like it might also be helpful to see what it is not.

It is not men dancing naked around a fire beating drums, nor is it sensitive New Age get in touch with your inner woman stuff, it is not religious based and there is no agenda other than you and of course social revolution!

Saying all that, if you are a dancing naked around a fire beating a drum sensitive New Age religious type of guy then Project Wildman may be for you just as much as a sitting at home on the couch just looking at a fire and eating pies atheist.

My point being that all are welcome and that this journey is about creating a strong community of guys who all have different journeys and backgrounds but who all want to learn the art of the journey and that life is not a solitary Lone Ranger experience but one with rich friendships and the sharing of ones journey with others.

We need to start talking but how and where? With no real community and very few if any deep connections with others who do we talk to? Who do you share your life with, your greatest achievements and failures? Maybe a massive contributor to our marriages failing is the expectation that our spouses will carry the load that an entire community used to share.


The price of admission

Is a commitment to join a men’s group for one year and sit around a fire once a week to work towards your own personal journey and connect with other men, plus $10 per week. Although owned and run by a Charitable Trust this is not charity, this is grassroots Philanthrocapitalism. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with new and open groups.

Historically men have been drawn to hang out with each other but in ways that have kept the relationships somewhat shallow and unobtrusive. You could literally play rugby or go to the pub with the same group of guys for years and never really get to know anyone in a deep way. The masks stay firmly intact, “good as gold” “she’ll be right” YEAH RIGHT! We need to learn to develop deep friendships with other guys and this is the place to start that journey.

Men have been silently crying out for this for decades and we need to meet that cry!


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7 Replies to “Project WildMan – Our Vision”

  1. Great stuff Rob,
    Thoroughly enjoyed catching up last time.
    Love your courage to get real. It’s certainly time we did
    Being liberated to be who we are supposed to be is an awesome thing.
    Andrew Stroud

    1. Thanks Andrew
      You certainly are an interesting individual yourself, to ride as fast as you do and be as mellow as you are, maybe that the key to life, living passionately whilst at the same time learning to relax and enjoy the journey.
      You are an inspiration to many people Andrew, and I’m excited to see where your journey takes you

  2. I heard someone once ask …

    “When did you know you were a man ?”

    I was intrigued by the question, when do we know ? how do we know ? who tells us ?

    One of the things I believe is that when we can look in the mirror and have the courage to face “our stuff” it is helping us to discover the answer to that question.

    Thank you Rob for holding up that mirror and inviting men to discover together in some part through Project Wildman who they are, awesome, life changing stuff !


  3. I don’t know but I feel I understand.
    As a boy I would go with my step dad to the boat club and be around men. Men that would grumble about their jobs, bitch about their kids and curse about their wives. Twenty years later I went to the same club and there in the same seats where the same men. The same grumpy men bitching about how their kids never visit them. The wife had taken them for all they had and they are still working the same shit jobs that they never liked in the first place.
    We need to change the way we talk as men. Sitting around the jugs of beer nodding and drowning our sorrows is not the answer. We need to get beneath the bullshit and talk about whats really going on. We need to talk about our feelings, how we feel as men and what we can do to change or fix the problems in our lives. Not cast judgement or pass blame and sometimes it takes another man to provide that wisdom.
    I want to be a part of this??????????? movement! Where to from here.

  4. Hi Rob, I’m really happy that another person realized there’s something wrong with our today’s world. Problems, depressions leading to suicides, all the human’ s suffering – we do not deserve it. We were all so clean and happy as a children, we lived in a beautiful world full of happiness and stillness. But then, slowly and steady we have learned all this illusions that are destroying us from the inside. Fame, money, the need of acceptance and all the other rat races that have no deeper meaning. We are leaving our lives like a robots, so mechanicly, so mindlessly. Sleep, eat, work as hard as you can to gain something you don’ t even need. Fuck your dreams, fuck your needs, fuck your family- get as much money as you can and be how people want you to be- that’s the whole cycle. We are so hypnotized. I’m only 20yr but i’ m just sick of this world full of illusions, pain and mindless rat races. I would really love to to sit down with all you guys near the fireplace and just talk, honestly and with all the respect for each others. Unfortunately i’ m from Poland in Europe, 17 thousands km’ s from NZ and it’s almost impossible. I wish you guys all the best in finding and fighting for your dreams and your own way of life. Good luck and have fun in life!

    ps. sry i’f my english is bad, i was always lazy in learning languages 😉

    1. Thanks Martin.

      What we are learning is that the journey starts with us…it’s about me and my journey and it’s about you and your journey both different and on opposite sides of the world…but sharing the same desire to be authentic and live… truly live.

      Shall we start one up in Poland?


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