Wonder – Pharmaceutical companies – and a desperate attempt for certainty.

Over recent years I’ve become full of wonder, like somehowRob and Phoenix black and white I’ve come full circle and now have the level of wonder, joy and amazement of a three year old all over again.

Everything is new, every day holds a thousand moments of awe. (God I sound like I’ve been smoking something)

I’m drawn to souls on the same journey, those with a grand curiosity of all around them and especially the journeys of others. To sit and listen to someone’s story as they too fumble their way through life, trying to puzzle together the pieces and make sense of it all.

It’s so easy to let the uncertainty of life drain the very life from us. If we hold onto everything tightly in a desperate attempt for certainty, we lose the very nectar of life.

“I really don’t know” has become an incredibly liberating mantra for me. I’ve become comfortable sitting in the question – and in fact, I revel in it. Life is so much more intoxicating when I don’t have to know the answer.

Over recent years I’ve been thrown head first through some massive changes that ten years ago would have sunk me. Now (for the most part anyway) I just yell “plot twist” and look for the new possibilities that will arise.

Holding everything with an open hand has taught me to find the wonder in the moment, replacing depression, anxiety and rage that once filled my life when things wouldn’t work according to my well dreamed out plans.

There is very little I can control but I can always learn, always grow and always put myself in a place of endless possibilities rather than the confined space of my own dogma. The conclusion of my own thinking and experience is still limited to that which I know and in the greater scheme of things, I don’t know very much at all.

The simple joy of wonder is one of life’s greatest gifts and if embraced in all its splendor and beauty could possibly put a few pharmaceutical companies permanently out of business.


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