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  1. I would be interested in both being a mentor and being mentored. Im currently unemployed and looking for something that will fill up to 30 hours per week maybe more so that im not lost in my mind with answers to questions I have no outlet to show.

    04 9022654 or 021 1312 666

  2. hi

    been looking for some sort of direction but seem to be stuck in the same place at the moment. Looking for work right now as im 19 still at home i have fencing farming and various other labouring skills so if you have anything happening in the future would be keen

  3. Well done Rob! This is a great thing you have going here. Very much needed in a day and age where many guys have no idea as to what it means to be a man. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Rob, just last night I was kept awake thinking on how we ( as men, women & a society ) got ourselves into this mess we are in now; with depression & a feeling of helplessness affecting so many. So I’m not surprised to stumble across this project today.

    Whether you look at ‘The Freeman Movement’, ‘The Awakening’, or the Revolution/s that are gaining momentum around the world, the common thread (to me at least) is that the societal systems we have created simply are not working. Profit growth is more important than personal growth, common sense & personal choice have been replaced by govt regulation & statutes, and we are actively being programmed to accept it all through TV & advertising. We have the power to fix things, but we need to work together.

    I am based out of Aus at present, but would like to offer my support in any way I can.

  5. I like the ideas discussed on this website. Would like to talk with guys who have made big changes in their lives and overcome inertia / fear of leaving a steady but unhappy career.

    1. Well John you are in the right place! Having the courage to examine our lives and change direction when necessary is a big part of what Project Wildman is all about. Welcome aboard! We are having a launch party on the 27th of this month in Wellington at The Southern Cross at 8pm, I’d love to see you there.


  6. I am happy to help in any way I can. I also have an interest in mentoring and learning from other like minded people. This may just be the journey that I have been looking for all these years…..

  7. Congratulations Rob on what you are doing.
    I sit is a variety of circles with good men. It’s food for my soul.
    These men challenge me to be the man I say I want to be and comfort me with the awareness that my father/husband/friend/provider concerns are not unique.
    If you start an email newsletter I would be keen to be on it. I will join your Facebook page.
    I always welcome the opportunity to sit in a new circle of men if you are doing anything in Auckland.
    One piece of advice is to use the wisdom of elders. Try to get some men with grey hair in your community if you haven’t already
    Go well


    1. Thanks Travis,
      We’d love to have some older men involved but none show up… are they lost… do they not know how valuable they are?

  8. Hey Rob,
    Great initiative. Ive been wanting for some time now to travel back in time and sit around the fire with Joseph Cambell and Robert Bly, sharing from our depths. I live in Christchurch and would be glad to help with this project down here. Let me know If I can help to set up a group as Im keen as Ken!

    1. Hi Brandon, Great and yes we are looking at setting up in Christchurch and would love all the help we can get, a good place to start is to tell those around you about what we are up to… the more men we have interested the faster it is to get a group running.

  9. Hi Rob

    Great to talk to you today about Project Wildman.
    From our brief talk today and a glance at your website it is clear that you have identified some key areas here. Once we as men have the courage to stop hiding behind the masks we wear then real growth and freedom starts to become an option. Some of those masks are very clever and impressive, and have a lot of energy invested which could be better used once we get more honest. Having a small group of guys with similar mindset, each on their own journey, and sharing honestly on the way sounds very encouraging.

    Looking forward to catching up when your have that next group in formation like you suggested.

  10. I have a ‘ lost’ drifting grandson who is 18 . Never worked plays on computer smokes
    directionless. Is there a place for him He lives up north.
    He’s a lovely boy and has huge potential but unfortunately has parents who are unmotivated and full of reasons why they can’t succeed

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