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My why: Why have I set up Project Wildman and Hazardous Journey?

I want this to be normal, I want my sons to grow up around strong healthy men and see them enter manhood themselves with a strong sense of who they are. I want my daughter to live in a world where the men around her are strong and live with honour and respect.

My life goal is to bring real manhood into pop culture. Not the macho bravado bullshit that we’ve been soaking up for generations but a new manhood of courage and honesty. Project Wildman is a massive step in the right direction but serves little purpose if we just keep it to ourselves, it needs to grow, it needs to be ripped off and redeveloped by others, it needs the life of 100,000 men breathed into it, it needs to become normal, only then will the tides turn, only then will my children live in a world that I’m proud to be a part of.


Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey.

Project Wildman is an idea whose time has come, as more and more of us start facing the fact that we aren’t going to make it unless we start making some pretty big changes. For us guys that means starting to talk about the real stuff in life.A few of our core group

I’m excited about where we are heading with this. Every week I’m seeing men become more and more alive as they search deeper into who they are and what makes them burn.

I hope you find this site inspiring and challenging and begin your own journey towards the life that makes you burn!

Rob Cope

What our members are saying…

 “By far the single most terrifying thing I have ever done, at the same time the most humbling, gratifying and by far the single greatest step I’ve ever taken.
To be able to hold up my journey so far has allowed me to learn and realize things I never would have before, it is helping my relationship in ways I didn’t realize, just the small changes it bring has a massive impact on everything. Thank you so much.
To anyone who reads this and is on the fence about it, I’d say just try it for the 3 weeks and see how you feel, you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain. “
Shannan Jacobs

“What do I value most about Project Wildman?

Rob posed a question like this to the Group a couple of weeks back, and it took me a while to crystallize my answer.

There are a number of things that make participating in the Project worthwhile, but I think what I value most about the weekly meetings is the honesty: both the opportunity to be completely open and honest with others (AND also myself in the process), and experiencing the openness and honesty of the other guys around the fire.

Every week I’m both surprised and inspired by the levels of risk, trust, and acceptance expressed by our Group members as we cast aside the collective mask and share the truth of what’s really going on in our heads, our hearts, and our lives. It’s powerful stuff. “
Ryan Oliver


Richard Warwick

As men we can often show “what” we are (whats seen on the outside) but struggle to let others know “who” (what happens on the

inside) we are… Project Wildman is about not living this Hazardous Journey we call “life” alone. We as men all wrestle through the issues, challenges, victories and defeats we encounter but along the way we are discovering it is best lived in community not in isolation.

I’m in Project Wildman because my dream is to see our partners, our children, and our children’s children see men live lives of self control, respect, courage and passion that we as men know what it is to be a man, because others know who we are.

… who are you ?


Hamish Lindsay

When did you know you were a man? is a good question which I hadn’t really asked myself before reading the book Manhood by Steve Biddulph. Being a man, dad, husband/partner, employer or employee in today’s society brings alot of challenges, most of which are dealt with by men on their own – with very mixed results. Fear, anger and aggression (and a host of knock on effects) can result from not handling these challenges well on our own.

I also think the the lack of male mentoring in our society is a big issue – why we see alot of big boy mentality in the form of passive or active aggression, violence, negativity etc. For me, Project Wildman is about sharing our experiences, growing together as men, learning how to control our emotions and change the way we think in a non-judgmental peer mentoring environment.

Cameron and Sam

Cameron Farquhar

For me, Project Wildman is the time each week when I put aside the joking, the facade and the defences, and engage with other men as an adult. By spending time within this council of men, I feel I have gained a better perspective on my life and challenged some of my long held beliefs.  I have also come to learn there are some things I’d like to work on and do better.

I am starting to realise that there is tremendous value and strength in the unity that is emerging within our group. I love being part of a community of good, genuine, honest men.


Sorren Whitewood

I absolutely love the concept of Project Wildman…..Simple yet Empowering.
As a council of men I thrive on the Most Important challenge of the group, And thats to challenge myself. Having the courage to want to change is paramount, With this growth is enevitable.
Coming to Project Wildman has also taught me to listen and I am Inspired by what other Men are saying.

Their Journey is uplifting and It encourages me to continue to develop into the man I want to be.


“I vividly still remember my first Wildman meeting; the apprehension and fear beforehand; my surprise at the participants’ honesty, acceptance and non-judgmental approach; and afterwards a sense of relief that here, at Wildman was a place where I could unburden myself and together share our stories, fears and hopes that had shaped our collective lives and inspired our futures.” Paul

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  1. Bloody awsome what you’re doing ol chap. I too want my children to grow up around honour and respect. in all my years (42 of them) I noticed respect of others is a slowly eroding so putting a fresh look. Dam right life can be hard and it really shouldnt be this way but we just gotta keep on keeping on…

    Here is a poem I wrote when i was 18 and confused about the system that i would like to share with you. Its called ‘the system has a cruel sense of humour’

    How am I supposed to know which way im supposed to go when im not born with the rules in my hand, How do they expect me to understand. Its wrong when you go to jail, thats when you find out you’ve done wrong, its the system thats doing the wrong. The systems not making me strong. We’re not taught the rules at school, we’re not taught the rules at all, the systems doing the wrong the systems not making me strong.
    I know I have a good heart and using it is a dying art, the system didnt guide me along, it is me that keeps keeping on….peace!

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